How Much do Snazaroo Paints Cost?

snazaroo face paints are specifically formulated to be gentle to the skin and fragrance-free. The question now is: do them cost much? Let us find out the answer.

Snazaroo paints come in different categories: there are kits, party packs, face paints, tools and accessories. First, let us discuss kits, which provide color combinations for the faces that you desire. Kits come with different stamps, themed mini kits and activity books, with prices ranging from $8.99 to $29.99.

For party packs, the highest price is $79.99, while the lowest price is $29.99. There are four choices available for party packs.

Face paints, which will make you look great, are categorized into different types. There is paint in gel, dust with sparkle or classic color. Their prices range from $5.99 to $89.99.

There are two tools available, which are Brushes & Sponges and Stencils & Tattoos. Their prices are all below $10.

Books and hair sprays can be found in accessories. Their books are comprehensive and contain many innovative designs and step-by-step guides for face painting. Snazaroo hair sprays are bright in color and make perfect face paintings. Hair sprays only cost $7.49 each whereas books range from $14.59 to $29.99.

Since face paints can cheer up a kid’s party, it appears that all of the prices are cheap and reasonable. Get Snazaroo paints now!